Over the years I have discovered some valuable airport hacks that make traveling by plane all the more pleasurable. Even on a budget.

If you are a skinflint like me, then you will like this post.

Although I can’t advise you on how to get into VIP lounges or receive upgrades –  I’m currently backpacking the world with my husband and two teenagers, airline staff value their jobs, there’s no way they would ever risk putting us lot up into first class.

Not with the way my son’s feet smell.

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 I can give you some hacks and tips on how to avoid jet lag and make aeroplane travel on a budget all the more enjoyable – with or without kids. And remember to check out our awesome travel checklist before you leave the house!




Top Airport Hacks For Travelers Who Keep Things Simple


1: Get Into The Massage Chair 


Travelling makes you tired.

 For some reason, the moment you step through the doors of an airport you develop chronic fatigue and flop like an understuffed rag doll onto the top of your luggage trolly.

After you have checked your bags in and nearly had a heart attack because you thought they were at least two kilos overweight, find one of those comfy massage chairs.

If you are wealthy and think nothing of spending a few bob on some painful, probing bits of metal digging hard into your back disguised as a massage, then go ahead and pay your money.

If you are tight like me and just need a sit down because you underestimated how far gate 24 was from the check-in gate, sink down into the inviting leather massage chair and pretend that you are asleep.

Have a nice rest.

None will dare bother you because people are far too polite, especially in Asia.

Pay nothing and relax.


Traveling on a budget at the airport. Hacks on how to avoid paying to relax

Yes, it is nice to pay for the real deal and get a massage, but why not just relax on the chair anyway?!



Or…Best on Flight Foot Massager



Pop one of these lightweight and brilliant mini foot massagers into your flight bag.
It weighs only 4 ounces and is a wonderful distraction and relief on long flights, particularly for those who suffer from achy feet or plantar fasciitis. —Click here for prices.



2: Hydrate Your Skin For Free


Your skin will get dreadfully dehydrated when you travel; flying is the worst.

You leave your house looking like a well-oiled avocado, and by the time you’ve been through security, your skin starts to resemble a bag of crunched-up crisps that have been glued to a deflated balloon.

You know it’s true.

Go to the very posh and far too expensive beauty department in the airport lounge – where all the girls look at you as though you have just fallen off the back of a tractor.

Ignore them; they are merely getting their 40 hours in so they can go out at the weekend and get sozzled.

Go straight to the cream that says: ‘you can’t afford me so don’t bother pretending’ and pump a tremendous amount into the palm of your hands.

If you are travelling with teenagers, they will die of embarrassment at this point.

Ignore them.

Go to the toilets, sit on the closed seat and prepare yourself for an expensive rub-in. Make sure you slather the potion into your cracked dry elbows, your knobbly knees, and most importantly, your tired, aching feet.

lt will be wonderful – I promise.

And if you have some spare cash…


Best Skin Saver



I swear when I use this stuff my eye wrinkles seem to plump out. I love it. Bio-oil comes highly recommended by flight attendants. If they say it’s good it’s the thing to use if you are about to fly!  Click here for prices.



3: Find The Best Wifi Spot For Free


Wifi and kids.

Do I need to say more? As soon as they enter through the doors of the airport, kids start to resemble police sniffer dogs. Looking in every little corner for a slither of wifi connection.

Airport hack number three. Getting free wifi.

Don’t bother going to a cafe – too expensive, especially with kids, instead, just plonk everyone down against a wall or next to a rubbish bin outside the cafe and hook yourself up to the wide world web.

If you are travelling with teenagers or someone you don’t like very much, wait until they’re fully engrossed (which will take approximately 23 seconds) and then sneak away to the bar.



best airport hacks. Finding free wifi for the kids

Look at my little darlings. Full of riveting conversation.




4: Don’t Wear Lace-Up Shoes at the Airport.


Queuing up to go through airport security with your bags. Not the most fun part of airport travel is it?

I’m talking about the bit where everyone lines up and starts taking all of their electronics out of their bags and putting them into a plastic box.

Know that there are never enough grey plastic boxes to go around. Never. It’s just the way it is.

Wait your turn patiently.

Know that, yes, you do have to take your Kindle out of your bag, and yes, take your watch off, please.

Now, here’s the thing, in some super security-conscious airports they make you take your shoes off. 

 Travel in flip-flops until you get on the plane at least.

And make sure you’ve washed your feet.



Would you love to travel more often but could use some tips on how to do it for a lot less?

Then join me & I’ll show you how!



Best Flight Shoes



Make sure you choose a pair of elegant flight shoes that make you feel lovely and are easy to take off.

These ballet flight shoes are perfect. and comfortable and pack pretty much flat into your bag.  Perfect for when you have to take your shoes on and off and on again. — Click here for prices.



5: Take Your Electric Toothbrush On Board


People just love to give you advice about travel, don’t they? Unfortunately, half of what they tell you is utter tosh.

Know that you CAN take any of these electric toothbrushes on a plane as long as it is placed in your hand luggage.

Before knowing this brilliant travel hack, I would all too often find myself standing inside the plane toilet, trying desperately to squeeze out a smattering of toothpaste onto my finger to take the taste of wine healthy sparkling water away from my breath.

And then I found this wonderful airport hack. If in doubt, ask an airline person.

“Are we allowed to take electric toothbrushes on board a plane?” I enquired

“Yes”, said the nice airport check-in person, ” As long as it is in your hand luggage”.

Perfect. No more furry teeth.


Airport hacks for travel. Things that will make every budget vacation much easier

Don’t believe all the advice out there. Best airport hack – take your electric toothbrush on board with you to avoid furry teeth!


6: Get The BEST Travel Insurance (Ever)


I’ll admit. I was reluctant to put this hack in, but you need to know that I used to travel WITHOUT insurance for many years because I believed that it was both a rip-off and expensive.

And then a few things happened to me overseas when I wasn’t covered. 

My mistake. Serves me right. But I would never make that mistake again and I would hate for any other traveller to do so.

Whatever you do, before you travel anywhere make sure that the insurance you buy is the best there is.

As I said, we have spent the last 12 months travelling the world and so my husband did a stack of research about which was the best travel cover. This is the company that we use every time.

They are the best value, they are the easiest company to deal with, and they know their market. they only deal with travellers.

I AM an affiliate for World Nomads which is just as well because my family and I have made 3 claims in the past year and every time they have been faultless and saved us $$$’s in emergency dental fees and Ireland car hire excess.

Because of this, I tell everyone I meet about how fantastic they are. 

I will only ever recommend World Nomads for travel insurance but whichever one you choose, make sure you are covered for everything.

Use the quote widget below ⇓  to instantly find out how brilliant World Nomads are or click here for more details.






7: Check-In Online


You’ll be amazed at how many people don’t do this and that is just crazy!

You can check in online approx 24 hours before your flight from anywhere that has an internet connection.

If you are travelling with hand luggage only then checking in online means that you can arrive at the airport and go straight to your gate – saving you heaps of time! Make sure you print your boarding pass out beforehand.


Lots of people in an airport line

Check in online to avoid long lengthy lines



8: Avoiding Germs On The Plane


Clean your area on the plane.

I know this sounds a little crazy but the biggest culprits for spreading bugs on a flight are the pull-down tray, the remote control and the bathroom door handle; they are all covered in germs.

Use antibacterial wipes to quickly clean around your area and you should be good to go. If it makes you feel better we flew on twenty-eight flights last year (we used the above travel hacks) and didn’t get sick once.

Make sure you get the individually wrapped wipes, yes I know it’s not as environmentally friendly but we found that the cheaper multi-packs dried out too much — Click here for prices.  



Woman sitting on an aeroplane

Wipe down everything plastic that you touch to avoid spreading nasty bugs.



9: Peppermint Oil for an Inexpensive Inflight Pampering


If you have never used essential oils on a flight then now is the time to start.

Eucalyptus is great for clearing your nose and helping the respiratory system, lavender helps you to sleep, but my all-time favourite must-have essential oil for travelling on a flight?

Peppermint Oil.




This fabulous oil can be used in numerous ways when travelling. Check with the person sitting next to you to see if they have a problem with you using your oil first – just in case.

If you get the all-clear then add a couple of drops of Peppermint oil into your tea or water on the plane to combat feeling nauseous.

Do the same in the aeroplane bathroom with cold water to create a refreshing mouth wash.

Once the plane has landed, place one drop of peppermint oil into the palms of your hands, rub and inhale deeply. Peppermint oil is a brilliant pick me up.

Used in a foot bath, peppermint oil works wonders for tired achy feet.

Peppermint oil repels bugs and spiders once you are at your destination (that’s why my son carries two bottles with him when he travels!) — Click here for prices.


9: In Case of Lost Bags…


Nobody likes to think that their bags might go missing, but sadly it does happen so best to be prepared.

In your hand luggage, always have with you:

Extra contact lenses.

Travel toothbrush (see above)

Three pairs of travel knickers

Bottle of Peppermint oil (see above).



10: Save Space on Your Make-Up


When going on vacation the last thing you need is a bag full of cosmetics. 

Hopefully, you are travelling to the sun so will only require those bare minimums. 

On the plane stick to lipstick and blusher. That’s it.

No mascara, that will give you itchy eyes. No eyeshadow, that will age you after a few hours. 

A nice healthy blush and a rose tint on the lips is all you will need to leave you looking (and feeling) utterly gorgeous.

This all-in-one make-up stick is creamy and moisturizing giving you just the right amount of rosy glow. Plus, it will save you space in the bag — Click here for prices




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Until then, happy travels!


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