The funniest thing happened yesterday.

Because it was Fathers Day, I said my husband that on this week’s podcast episode we should talk about him being a homeschooling dad. Give some tips to all the other dads, husbands or partners out there that are currently faced with being a new homeschooling parent.

And guess what he said to me?

(Bearing in mind that our kids have been homeschooled for almost ten years).

He said: How can I talk about that? How can I give other guys homeschooling tips when it was you who did everything, and I just went to work?

Why not listen to the podcast episode. 7 Things homeschool dads can do to help




Dear Homeschooling Dads. You’re Brill. And We Really (Really) Need You


Now then.

I won’t lie.

The temptation did flicker through my mind for an instant or an hour to sit back and take all of the glory. Revel in this very flattering (but false) accolade of being a super-duper wonder woman who singlehandedly homeschooled her kids.

But that would have made me a fibber.

And I’m not one of those.

So instead, I wrote down seven things that my husband has done for our homeschooling family over the past ten years.

Seven things that had made us the successful homeschooling folk that we turned out to be. And then I read them out to my humble husband on this weeks podcast episode.




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7 Homeschooling Tips For Dads


I know that not everyone’s homeschooling situation is the same, but I couldn’t possibly address every different set of circumstances.

So, for the sake of keeping this post easy let’s assume that you and I are on the same chapter and that your husband is quite similar to mine.


A Husband That:

Has never homeschooled before. Nor does he know many homeschoolers.

Works out of the house all-day

Is not a teacher (he might even be a tradie like my husband)

Supports you but is not sure what his role will look like

Is a teeny bit frightened (but hasn’t told you this) that you might turn into Nanny Mcphee and run away with Albus Dumbledore


Ok, homeschooling dads. This post is for you…



1: Take one subject and (practically) own it


I don’t mean that you have to undertake book work (my husband would have freaked if I’d asked him to do that).

But do some Science experiments. Teach the kids how to build a wall. Or wire a plug.

Rescue and orphaned lamb, paint the fence with them and show them how to clean the brushes out properly, so they aren’t rock hard and ruined when they come to use them next time.

That kind of thing.


Homeschooling dad feeding a lamb



2: Provide Discipline (AKA have plenty of dad chats)


I have never been one of these ‘wait until your father gets home’ kind of mothers, but I loved having the back up of knowing that if something had gone too far, dad would sort it out.

Homeschooling women try to be everything to their kids, and there is a fine balance when discipline is needed.  

Take the reigns dad and have those long chats with your kids explaining how things need to be. It will take the stress off your wife enormously.


Homeschool dad chatting with his kids



3: Read/Listen/Watch With The Kids


Listening to your kids read at the end of the day or laying down next to them and reading a story to them creates a priceless bond. 

As your kids get older, homeschooling dads can take this further by listening to talking books on car journeys or watching the movies of the books that you have all read together. 

This beautiful bonding experience creates a lasting connection that will see you all right through to when the kids become adults.

If you do nothing else, do this.


Homeschooling dad and his kids



4: Take Care of Sports


As I said in the podcast episode, I’m not sure if this relates only to those living in New Zealand, but the minute you mention to someone that you are thinking of homeschooling your kids they say ‘what about sport?’.

What that’s all about I have no idea.

So listen up homeschooling dads; I don’t care if you can’t stand sports yourself, just take the kids out and get them into some sort of sport.

Football, golf, playing cards, chess, jogging, biking, swimming, surfing, darts. The list is endless.

You don’t know what a relief it is for us homeschooling mums when you get the kids out of the house to do sport.

Which leads on nicely to the next homeschooling tip…


Homeschool dad on a bike ride with kids



5: Make sure your wife has some time alone


Let’s get this straight. Homeschooling is a job. A job that never closes its doors.

Your wife might be homeschooling and working at the same time, in which case, she needs this time more than most.

Take the kids and get out of the house for the day.

Or a morning. Or two hours. Whatever you can manage, just please, take the kids and leave your wife alone for some time by herself. 

And if she protests, ignore her.

She’s just trying to be nice. As soon as you’re out of the door, she’ll be running around the house with her knickers on her head.


travel will change your perspective for the better!



6: Be Supportive

This one is self-explanatory.

However hard you think your day’s been there will be times when your homeschooling wifes afternoon will make your job seem like a walk in the park.

On these days, when your wife needs to vent and let off steam, be there to listen. Mostly she won’t need advice, just a sympathetic ear. 

And maybe a large glass of Merlot.



7: Make time for the two of you (alone)


It can be so easy once you start homeschooling to make everything about the kids – even if you are homeschooling three days a week and it looks as though you have days to spare, you don’t. Not always.

And every conversation seems to revolve around them and their needs.

But don’t forget that homeschooling is just part of your lives. And that your marriage and respecting each other’s individual needs is equally (if not more) important.

I am not suggesting that you go for dinner three times a week, but make time in your day where the children know that this your private time. 

Having dinner alone at home a few nights a week or getting a sitter in once a month so you can go out will go towards you remembering that you are there for each other.

And whatever you do, try not to talk about the kids!


Husband and wife homeschooling team



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Homeschooling Tips For Dads Podcast



Dad with his kids. Homeschool tips for dads



(What happens on this homeschooling podcast stays on this  podcast)


In this week’s podcast episode, we talked about:


🤔 How, without always knowing it, (even though they are not at home all day with their kids) STILL play a HUGE role in their kid’s education.

🤔 A couple of ideas that will help dad create an exclusive bond with his kids.

🤔  Seven tips on what every homeschool dad (or partner) can do to bring harmony and balance to the homeschooling experience (and make it super successful).

🤔 The number one thing that every homeschool mom (probably) needs the most (and no, it’s not wine, although I was tempted to say that) and why it’s important.

🤔 Remembering that homeschooling parents are a TEAM and the little things that often go overlooked. 



To go deeper into the seven things that homeschooling dads can do to help listen to the podcast NOW!








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