No homeschool mom is the same.

Aside from the fact that you (probably) say tomayto and I (definitely) say tomarto, there are – according to the Myers Briggs – 16 personality types.

Meaning that every single one of us homeschooling moms are wired (completely) differently.

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Group of homeschool moms


Homeschool mom


Depending on our personality makeup, all us moms will approach homeschooling in a different way. 

(And no one way is the right way).

There. That makes you feel better already doesn’t it?

That’s why when weighing up homeschooling vs public schooling homeschooling will always win – we get to make our own rules!


Is There a Perfect Way To Homeschool?



The homeschooling schedule that one mom uses with her kids (the one she loves and gushes about) will most probably leave you cold and bored.

There are unschooling moms; moms who are homeschooling and working at the same time; moms who love to spend their time organising stuff; and moms who struggle to organise themselves out of a paper bag and spend all day searching the internet for tips on how to start homeschooling.

*As a side note* I was that kind of mom and if you are too know that uncertain homeschooling moms are like drivers who don’t pass their test the first time – they always end up being the best drivers!


One sheep standing out from the rest. Different homeschooling moms




What Type of Homeschooling Mom Are You?


If you are a homeschooling mom and you don’t know your personality type then you can do a free personality test here.

Just make sure that you leave this page open so that you can come back and find out how your personality may affect the way you homeschool.

You’re back!

Ok, now that you know your personality type, check out your strengths and weaknesses are and see how you homeschool.


one flower is different form the rest. HOmeschooliing moms


Taking Personality Tests


Remember folks; the findings of your personality test should be taken with a pinch of salt. No test that you take will ever be 100% accurate. 

How could it ever be?

Ask any homeschooling mom, and she will tell you the same.

One day you’re an angel who makes your daughter’s breakfast and smiles your whitest smile, and the next you’re sobbing in the bathroom with a snotty nose because that lazy good for nothing child of yours can’t even rinse the bowls out before putting them into the dishwasher.

All good fun.



Because Being a Homeschooling Mom is Fun!


And after ten years of homeschooling, I have clocked up a few successful homeschooling tips.  and have come to the conclusion that there are just three important things that will see you sailing through homeschooling.

Patience, a sense of humour and preferably a glass of wine at the end of each shift.

So let’s have some fun and see what kind of homeschooling mom you are.



different sized pencils




INTJ – The Focused Homeschool Mom


Good communicator. When this homeschool mom asks her children to do something, she expects them to co-operate.

Independent. She is independent and decisive. She will not be swayed by others opinions once she has made her mind up.

Committed. Hardworking and dedicated she of all personality types will be the one determined to see homeschooling through to the end. She thrives on committing to long-term projects. 

Open-minded. She is open-minded and due to the dislike for rules and traditions, the INTJ is very likely to embrace unschooling.


Weakness: Overthinking

  • Be careful of being over-analytical. Homeschooling is a full-time job and just as you wouldn’t scrutinise every single thing that happens at work nor must you do so at home.
  • Remember to take on board the successes that you have throughout your homeschool day rather than only concentrating on those things that need improvement. 
  • A meditation routine and practising some simple self-love exercises would be super beneficial for you and would help avoid possible mom burnout.



INTP – The Logical Homeschool Mom


Open-minded. The INTP personality enjoys taking a different path to everyone else and gets excited about where these paths will eventually lead.

Logical. She is a momma who is always open to new ideas as long as these ideas are backed by logic and facts! No pulling the wool over her eyes with fluff.

Enthusiastic. She is ready to give anything a go and is always honest and straightforward. Personality traits that this homeschool mom will always appreciate from those around her.

Creative. Although very logical, the INTP homeschool mom has no problem delving into her creative side. This will serve her well when it comes to helping her children learn through hands-on homeschooling projects.


Weakness: Second guess themselves

  • This homeschool mom is private and withdrawn and is mostly shy in social settings.
  • But being a homeschooling parent can often be lonely and there are times when you need something more than the conversation of children to keep you sane, so she will need to make that extra push so as not to isolate herself.
  • Get the support that you need while homeschooling by joining Facebook homeschooling groups – even if it is only to lurk in the shadows and gain information!
  • There will be other homeschooling moms in the shadows that are just as shy as you are who will be happy to have a friend.





ENTJ – The Decisive Homeschool Mom


Efficient.  The ENTJ personality type loves efficiency and so it will be super important to have a solid homeschool schedule in place at the beginning of your homeschooling journey.

Confident. She believes in her capabilities and once she sets her mind to do a task, she will not be swayed by self-doubt.

Strong-willed. Not one to give up easily. Instead, the ENTJ homeschool mother will strive to achieve whatever goal she has set herself.

Inspiring. People often turn to the ENTJ personality to be their leader. Do not be surprised when you are asked to run the local homeschool group or organize the Science Fair!


Weakness:  Stubborn

  • The ENTJ personality type tends to go by the motto; it’s my way or the highway.
  • She tends not to be interested in listening to any suggestions that would result in a deviation from the original plan—something to watch out for when you are homeschooling.
  • The key to successful homeschooling is to try and be as flexible as you possibly can. Being willing to change when something isn’t working will save you (all) a good deal of stress.


Why not go to my homeschooling videos page where I talk about the importance of being flexible (and I don’t mean in a yogary type of way).




ENTP – The Energetic Homeschool Mom


Likes to learn. This homeschool mom will usually be found working alongside her kids in an effort to educate herself further on a subject.

Quick thinkers. The ENTP personality can jump from one topic to the next effortlessly, making them super adapt to balancing both homeschooling and working full time.

Original. The ENTP personality tends to shy away from convention and tradition and instead prefers to make her way. Perfect personality for those wishing to build their customized curriculum or to explore topic-based learning.


Weakness: Prone to shiny object syndrome

  • The ideas and plans that come quickly to the ENTP can come fast and furiously, meaning that this personality type can drop what they are currently working on to chase the next idea.
  • Remember that kids like security and routine. Try to give them both of these by showing them that when you start something you intend to see it through (unless it really isn’t working). New and shiny objects will always be there for you to try later on! 





INFJ – The Passionate Homeschooling Mom


Creative. The INFJ personality enjoys thinking up creative ways to solve issues, especially when those issues involve friends and loved ones. This homeschool mom copes well when teaching kids of different levels and always manages to turn a disagreement into a game!

Insightful and honest. You will find it hard to pull the wool over the eyes of an INFJ personality. They are very intuned with the needs and emotions of others, and they are the first to recognize the truth.

Decisive. This personality type can make a decision and follow-through, often calling on their strength of willpower when things get tough. This serves the homeschooling mom well and when she hits the rough days of homeschooling she can pull on her resources and will power to get her through.

Passionate. When the INFJ homeschooling mom believes that something is important enough to pursue then there will be no swaying her. She will follow whatever goal she sets herself with energy and passion.


Weakness: Perfectionist

  • She will often neglect or ignore the healthy and productive situations (or relationships) that are right there in front of her tending instead, to believe that there will always be something a little bit better around the corner.
  • Remind yourself every day that what you are doing is amazing. That your kids have a mom who is putting herself out there to homeschool them. That is enough.
  • Tip: Before you go to bed each night (or in the morning) write down 5 things to be grateful for. And remember mama – you are enough. 





INFP – The Optimistic Homeschool Mom


Optimistic. This personality type firmly believes that every cloud has a silver lining and that even the worst situations will offer up some good. Perfect for the current situation where lots of parents are finding themselves homeschooling through no choice of their own. 

Harmonious. There will never be any kind of power battle with the INFP homeschool mom. She makes it her job to ensure that everyone gets an equal say and is happy to listen to all perspectives.

Open-minded and flexible. The INFP personality has no problem with changing any situation that wasn’t working for her family. This will serve her well as a homeschooling mom as the key to successfully teaching your kids from home is the ability to be flexible.

Dedicated. She is dedicated and hardworking. Not one to give up easily, especially when she knows that the cause will provide meaningful change, which of course, is what homeschooling is all about.

(Next, you could watch my homeschooling video on giving up your career to homeschool).


Weakness: People pleaser

  • The INFP personality works hard to keep things harmonious and everyone happy but this can sometimes result in her not taking care of the most important one of all – herself.
  • Remember, homeschooling is about balance. It is IMPOSSIBLE to please everyone so do not try. We do not want mom burnout.
  • Give your energy and time only to those that need you most. The people that are part of your everyday life and who will use the energy and time that you bestow upon them to create positive improvements. Everyone else? They’ll have to wait.





ENFJ – The Intuitive Homeschool Mom


Team players. The ENFJ homeschooling mom is a team player. She is open and willing to listen to everyone’s opinions (even though she sometimes doesn’t agree to them). This is super important when taking on the role of homeschooling – you will often be called to umpire as well as teach!

Reliable. If she says she will do something, then the ENFJ homeschool mom will do it. She hates to let people down and is a woman of her word.

Intuitive. This personality type is excellent at reading any situation and adapting to it. She knows how to zone into her kids, pick up on a mood and communicate accordingly. She is always able to communicate in a way that reflects the needs of her small homeschooling audience.


Weakness: Too selfless

  • Homeschooling is a full-time job and one that requires you look after yourself as well as everyone else.
  • Take the time to remind yourself of how important you are with these self-love quotes and be mindful of when you are spreading yourself a wee bit too thin.





ENFP – The Curious Homeschool Mom


Brave. The ENFP  homeschool mom means that she will always be willing to try new things. She has no problem stepping out of her comfort zone (which let’s face it, is why she is ready to homeschool in the first place!).

Curious. This mom firmly believes that everything happens for a reason and that every idea or plan is part of a bigger picture. Because of this, she makes a point of noticing everything that is happening around her and tries her hardest never to miss a moment.

Enthusiastic. Being curious fills the mind with ideas and thoughts, and this personality likes to share her findings with anyone who will listen. Starting off her homeschool day with a family discussion about what the day will bring would benefit this mom and her family hugely.

Excellent communicators. This type of personality homeschool mom enjoys both chatting with her kids as well as having deep and meaningful conversations. Perfect for the homeschool mom who is teaching a range of different ages and chooses to teach mainly through open discussion.


Weakness: Finds it hard to focus

  • Due to their curious mind, moms with an ENFP personality can find it hard to settle on one task long enough to complete it.
  • Mention the words paperwork or routine to this woman, and she will very quickly start to zone out. Be sure to balance your homeschooling day with a healthy dose of curious investigation!





ISTJ – The  Practical Homeschool Mom


Strong-willed. The ISTJ personality type prides herself on working hard and staying focused don the goal. She is a patient and determined homeschool mom and will always meet her obligations.

Strict. She tends to veer towards being strict with her children (and herself) and has high expectations and standards. She has thought long and hard about the decision to homeschool, has investigated all options and considered the benefits of homeschooling before committing. 

Calm and practical. She is level headed and doesn’t lose her temper easily. She is calm and collected, and the decisions she makes are geared toward effectiveness rather than empathy. The same goes for criticism. She is happy to give (and receive criticism) as long as it is constructive.

Communicates clearly.  Since the ISTJ homeschool mom likes to be as effective as possible, she will always establish clear guidelines to her kids. This, in turn, takes away any guesswork which is always a big win when homeschooling. She does not tolerate rule breakers, instead preferring to stick to the guidelines and delivering the promised goods.


Weakness: Take too much on

  • Being in charge constantly can be tiring, and the ISTJ homeschool mom tends to think that if she doesn’t do it all herself, then it won’t get done correctly.
  • She does not accept help easily meaning that if they are not careful, this personality type will eventually suffer from burnout.





ISFJ – The  Reliable Homeschool Mom


Supportive and reliable. The ISFJ mom will gladly share her experience, knowledge, time and energy with those that need it most, in particular, her friends and family.

Patient. Slow and steady wins the race is this girls motto. She likes to set herself a goal and will ensure that this is achieved to the highest standard.

Observant. She is empathetic and in tune with the way others might be feeling at any given time. She can see things from other peoples perspective and offers her support readily.

Good practical skills. With a robust, realistic head on her shoulders, ISFJ homeschool moms are capable of sitting through a mundane routine because she sees that the result will be worth it.  

Loyal. This personality type tends to form emotional attachments to the ideas and organizations that they’ve dedicated themselves toward, making it all the more likely that this homeschool mom will not give up easily.


Weakness: Finds change hard

  • Because the ISFJ personality values tradition and history when making decisions, she finds it hard when asked to quit what she is doing and start something new.
  • Remember though. If something isn’t working (a curriculum or a routine) then be open to changing it. 




ESTJ – The Organized Homeschool Mom


Dedicated. As long as the task is deemed worthy, the ESTJ homeschool mom will see things through to the end; regardless of how tough things get.

Strong-willed. Never one to give up easily, she can work through challenges no matter how boring or mundane. If what she is doing is important to her beliefs, she will not be swayed by any negative feedback.

Direct and honest. This homeschool mom tells it like it is and expects the same in return. She has no time for fluff – preferring instead that people get straight to the point with what they need and desire.

Order. The ESTJ personality type will seek to create order and security in her homeschool environment. She will thrive by establishing a solid homeschool schedule and will provide her family with clear roles and rules.


Weakness: Finds it difficult to switch off

  • Being such a high achiever comes at a price, and for the ESFJ mom, she cannot switch off and goof around. Make sure that you take time in your day just to be.
  • You of all people must remember to take time to breathe out. Remember that successful homeschooling means much more than reaching goals and achieving results.
  • Be sure to include some downtime in your daily schedule and consider taking a break from social media for at least one day a month (dare I say week?!) 




ESFJ – The  Dependable Homeschool Mom


Practical skills. The ESFJ homeschooling mom is the world’s best at creating and managing routines and schedules (and sticking to them).

Caring and warm. She not only cares deeply about other peoples feelings but she will go out of her way to ensure that everyone finds themselves in a win-win situation.

Loyal. Without her knowing it, this mom is often the pillar of society that everyone relies on. If you find a friend in her, she will guard that friendship forever.

Belonging. This personality type has a strong need to belong and finds it easy to make friends and connect with others. She will usually be the one to organize homeschool get-togethers or forums.


Weakness: Reluctant to improvise

  • If you ask this mom to wing it, she will start to panic. Which, in turn, can lead to inflexibility.
  • Remember, homeschooling changes with the seasons and what is working now may not work next term. Allow yourself to become familiar with the notion of doing things differently and don’t worry so much about what people will say should you decide to step out of the box when homeschooling.  





ISTP – The Spontaneous Homeschool Mom


Optimistic & energetic. This homeschooling mommy is happiest when she is up to her elbows in organizing some project or other. Not only do they love this challenge, but they very rarely get stressed out by it.

Creative. She loves to use her imagination and excels at crafts. Ideas come easily to this mom, which makes her the ideal candidate for unschooling her kids or perhaps creating an eclectic project-based curriculum.

Great in a crisis. Not much gets this mom in a flap, and as such, she is a natural in any crisis situation. She is also very adaptable meaning that if something isn’t working for her family, she has no problem with switching.


Weakness: Easily bored

  • This homeschool mom likes a challenge, but once everything is in place, she can tend to start looking for the next new thing.
  • This can mean that long term commitment may give her the jitters.
  • I suggest that when you first start homeschooling, you tell yourself (and your kids) that you will commit to this for a year and then reassess after that. By tackling the coming years in manageable chunks, you are less likely to feel tied down and obliged to commit.




ISFP – The Imaginative Homeschool Mom


Curious. This homeschool mom won’t believe something until she has tried it out for herself. She is less likely, for example, to buy a curriculum based on a friends review, preferring instead to take the time to learn about her child’s learning style and explore the options from there.

Artistic. The ISFP personality is artistic. She is very emotional and enjoys writing, drawing and music. She is excellent at creating visual examples to use as aides when teaching her kids. 

Sensitive to others. She finds it easy to relate to other peoples emotions and will do her best to create harmony within her homeschooling family. She has a live and let live attitude making her popular and likeable.


Weakness: Easily stressed

  • This personality type lives in the present and is full of emotion. When situations get tough, and she feels out of her depth, she tends to withdraw and shut down, leaving everyone wondering where the ray of light has disappeared to.
  • Be sure to recognize the battles that are worth fighting and those that are not. Take time out for yourself – even just ten minutes a day to practice deep breathing or self-love exercises.




ESTP – The Experimental  Homeschool Mom


Energy. The ESTP homeschooling mom will be full of life and have endless energy. She loves to push boundaries and enjoys nothing more than to discover new ways of doing things.

Practical. She would much rather create her own curriculum based on her children’s learning style than follow what others are doing. She is happiest when she is experimenting with the many ways of doing things and encourages her kids to do the same.

Open to change. This homeschool mom is frequently on the lookout for ways to improve. She will be the first one to notice when the time for a change is needed and will adapt swiftly and directly.

Why not go to my homeschool video tips page and watch our latest video – what to do when your kid just WON’T listen


Weakness: Impatient

  • The ESTP homeschool likes to move at a fast pace. If she finds that she continually has to slow down because one of her kids is slower to learn than the others, then she can become impatient.
  • Recognize this weakness and establish different expectations for each of your learners.
  • Remind yourself that homeschooling is a marathon and not a sprint and that there will be days when not everyone feels the same enthusiasm or drive.  





ESFP – The Confident  Homeschool Mom


Bold. This homeschooling mom doesn’t mind stepping out of her comfort zone and is the first in line to try something new – ever more so when noone else is willing to.

Experimental. The ESFP personality type is known for her originality. She loves to experiment with new styles and embraces homeschooling (as long as she can do it differently from everyone else).

Excellent people skills. She is talkative, witty and this mom never runs out of things to say. If she wants to know the answer to something, she will straight up ask rather than beat about the bush.


Weakness: Sensitive

  • This mom can be emotional, sensitive and is maybe a little vulnerable to criticism. She takes things personally (even when it is not meant that way) and sees criticism as an attack on her abilities. 
  • Remember that as kids get older, they tend to say what they feel. Most homeschooled kids who are with their parents a lot! And I know from experience that this can sometimes sting.
  • Try to remember to view criticism as a way to improve and grow rather than taking it to mean ‘I don’t love you anymore’.



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So? What Kind of Homeschool Mom Are You?


I would love to hear your response to this post and to see if your personality type affects the way that you homeschool your kids.

I have to remind myself constantly that we are who we are – and as I look at this list, I realize that there isn’t one personality type that has it all.

So let’s take what we have and be the best homeschool moms that we can be! 




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