We have decided to do a series of life in New Zealand and so this weeks podcast episode covered the basics on how expensive it is to live in New Zealand.

We have been living in New Zealand for ten years. We emigrated from the UK where we lived in the very posh (and bloody expensive) city of Bath.

If you are posh you have to say ‘Barrth’. I always like to try my best.

We now live in the very down to earth region of Taranaki on the West Coast of the north island in New Zealand and we love it. Raising our kids in New Zealand was the best thing we ever did. In our opinion.


Alpaca in a field in front of a mountain in New Zealand. Living in New Zealand

The region of Taranaki. The place where I have called home for the last ten years.


Although the cost of living in New Zealand isn’t as low as some places, when you take into account the cost of houses and the lower health care then the end result is more pleasing.

So many people comment on how New Zealand is expensive, and yes, compared to some places in the world (especially Asia) it is quite pricey.

Like anywhere, there are pros and cons of living in New Zealand, but generally, I think the cost of living is pretty reasonable.

Here’s what we covered in the podcast:


How Expensive Is New Zealand?


Housing In New Zealand


  • Average house prices in New Zealand are $525,000 NZD. This is $360,000 US and £275,000 GBP.


  • Our gas bill per month is $150 NZD. This is $102 US  and £78 GBP


  • Our electricity bill per month is $320 NZD. This is $220 US and £170GBP. (listen to the podcast to hear where our electric goes!


  • Grocery bill for us (family of 4 with a wine addiction – us, not the kids) is $350 NZD which is $240 US and £185 GBP



Sign advertising fresh produce in New Zealand

Living in New Zealand. A regular sight on the highways is the selling of garden produce.


We also talk about the cost of renting a house in New Zealand, particularly Taranaki, the region in the North Island where we live.

Last year we took the kids backpacking around the world for a year and rented our house out while we were gone. we charged $600 NZD  a week which is $410 US and £315 GBP.  Ours is a four-bedroom house in the country and we rented it fully furnished.



Running A Car in New Zealand


If you watch our latest vlog on the cost of living in New Zealand you will see how much new cars are but here’s a rough average of what cars cost to run in New Zealand:


  • Petrol per week (I have a Peugeot 207 SW 1.6 Petrol) $100 NZD. This is $70 US and £55 GBP.


  • WOF (warrant of fitness required every six months) $57. $40 USD.  £30 GBP


  • Rego (tax disk) per year $270 NZD which is $185 USD.  £140 GBP.



Gas station in New Zealand. Living in New Zealand

Living in New Zealand. A stop at the gas station.


Teenage Entertainment In New Zealand


  • Sonny said that for a day out with his friends will cost him approx $25 NZD


  • I’ll let you listen to the podcast to hear where his money goes…



Average Salary In New Zealand


We then talked about the average wages in New Zealand which is $49,000 NZD that equates to $33,000 US and £25,000 GBP.

If you are a tradesman, a teacher, a nurse or a GP then listen to the podcast and  I tell you how much you can expect to earn if you were to come to New Zealand and live.


We hope you enjoyed the show this week, as I said, this will be a series of life in New Zealand, how much things cost, the Pro’s and Con’s of living on the other side of the world and more!

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See you next week,


Liz x

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