BIG News For Those Moving To New Zealand

BIG News For Those Moving To New Zealand

There’s a quote that I love: ‘Incredible things can be done simply if we are committed to making them happen.’

This week, Brian and I are excited to share the details of something that we have been working on for weeks. Something that we know is going to benefit all of our moving to New Zealand community immensely.

Wherever you are on your moving to New Zealand adventure, whatever stage of the game you’re in, the news we are about to share will make you feel very special – because this involves you!

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I don’t want to give too much away so off you go and listen to the show. We’d love it if you emailed us at [email protected] and let us know your thoughts and reaction to this announcement. It’s been a long time in the planning but, like you, we decided that if you want something to change then you have to go out there and make it happen! Yipppeeee!




New Zealand Borders to Open?! A Behind The Scenes Podcast

New Zealand Borders to Open?! A Behind The Scenes Podcast

This week, Jacinda announced the news that so many of us have been waiting for. The New Zealand border will begin to open from February 2022.

The re-opening scheme is to be phased out over the coming year. Here is what the 5 step plan will look like:

  • The border will reopen to vaccinated New Zealand citizens and residents travelling from Australia at 11.59pm 27 February


  • Reopens to New Zealand citizens and residents in the rest of the world on 13 March


  • MIQ removed for most travellers in the phased reconnection, replaced by self-isolation and tests on-arrival


  • Unvaccinated travellers, and those who do not meet New Zealand’s vaccination requirements, who are eligible to enter New Zealand will continue to enter MIQ.


  • The five-step plan prioritises returning New Zealanders and brings forward the reopening of key visa categories from 13 March in order to address worker shortages. 


  • Further visa categories reopen throughout the year to help accelerate economic recovery


I don’t know about anyone else, but this news brought a flood of tears. Many emotions came to the top. Some of which I wasn’t aware even existed. And today, we’d like to share those emotions with you in this behind the scenes podcast.

I hope that you love this episode as much as we loved making it. Let me know how this week’s announcement made you feel by sending me a quick email at [email protected]

I read and reply to every single email. Because I adore you.





7 Things You WON’T Miss When You Move To New Zealand

7 Things You WON’T Miss When You Move To New Zealand

If you are thinking of moving to New Zealand from the UK (or elsewhere for that matter) and are concerned about a few things you may miss, you are going to really LOVE this show!

Last week, Brian and went on holiday.  We stayed in a suburb of Dunedin called Port Chalmers. We loved it. Not only were we are away from the kids that never stop eating and the lawn that never stops growing, but we were able to explore one of the most beautiful parts of New Zealand.

It was during this time in the South Island, that we realised there were some things, things that we’d been longing for these past twelve years, were right here under our noses. Imagine that.

Ready to find out what they are? Let’s go!


We’re all guilty of it…

We’re all guilty of it…

Every day I watch as my son makes breakfast with one hand.

It is quite genius.

One hand cradles the phone while the other fries eggs, makes toast, and opens a tin of beans.

One eye turned left, and the other turned right like Egor in a chefs hat.

I saying nothing. I am calm and composed. After all, the boy is 20 years old. He has seen life. He has moved out, broke my heart, and moved back home. His old flatmate refused to do his laundry. 

Once my son’s eggs are fried, and his toast is buttered on the right side, he takes to the stool at the kitchen counter. He props his phone against the teapot or maybe my hormone tablets box left there from the night before and begins to eat.

And watch. And eat. And watch. And eat.

From what I can tell, he enjoys neither of these activities.

He experiences a watered-down version of a breakfast that could be memorable and a show that could be funny.

If he turned off the phone and enjoyed the sensation of those squishy little tomato beans bursting between his teeth, he’d be happy.

If he held off on breakfast for twenty minutes and watched, with both eyes, whatever it is he’s consuming on Youtube, he’d be happy.

But he doesn’t. He tries to do both. So he misses the funny bits of the video and doesn’t appreciate the sheer joy of dipping the crispy apron of the fried egg into the tomato sauce of the beans.

We’re all guilty of this stupid phenomenon. Trying to do as many things as we can.

It’s crap. Rubbish. Pointless.

The past few weeks, I have struggled writing my book. Really struggled.

I want a clean house. But I want to write a book.

I want to spend time promoting our Youtube channel. But I want to walk the dog.

I want to spend time with my daughter, who, right now, is like a young colt kicking and screaming to be let off the training rope so that she can gallop to a big city and wear black kohl eyeliner. But I want to make some money.

I have been trying to do it all. And what have I done? Not much.

So last week I made a decision. To focus on one thing at one time. 

No more beans and Youtube for me. No sir. 

One hour, one thing. 

And it’s working. The stress has lifted. I feel more productive as opposed to a rabbit trapped in the headlights.

If you’re struggling with the same thing, try this:

Get a sheet of paper. List all of the things that you need (or want) to do. Allocate a time for each. Do NOT let one bleed into the other. Focus solely on what you are doing, even if that task is mundane. Slow down. Be realistic, and be kind.

And never forget that beans make you fart.

Liz x

Quote That I Love: It seems to me that one of the great luxuries of life at this point is to be able to do one thing at a time, one thing to which you give yourself wholeheartedly. Unitasking. – Author: Michael Pollan

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PPS: We are housesitting at the moment. If you haven’t considered it, then you must. It is the answer to being able to travel for nothing; it’s brill. Check out all of the gorgeous houses around the world (especially those in YOUR country!).

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