Dear Wine, I love You. Yours forever, a Woman.

Dear Wine, I love You. Yours forever, a Woman.

Dear Wine, I love you.

Ask any woman of a certain age to list the top 5 loves of her life, and I can pretty much guarantee that wine will be one of them. And rightly so. A recent survey suggests that in moderation wine is good for you. Wine makes you relax. Wine makes you happy. Oh, Wine. You need to hear how much I love you…

Dear Wine, (more…)

I need more time.

I need more time.



The last time I looked there were still 24 hours in a day. To my knowledge no-one has reduced it to nine. Yet talk to people and they all agree, time seems to be shrinking. It’s becoming rationed. No time for this, no time for that.  I find myself struggling to find the time to be:


  • A competent teacher,
  • A kind and loving mother, who can be taken out in public.
  • A calm and not too frantic wife
  • A good friend who doesn’t blog about her besties.
  • A  dog poo picker upper.
  • The scrubber of all things dirty.
  • The sergeant major of all orders and jobs.
  • The taxi driver (an unpaid one)

These past few months have found me particularly time starved. Probably due to both kids being at Mary Poppins rehearsals which opens in July,  Brian getting busy at work, and me, trying to do everything and be everywhere. (more…)

How to see the Most When You Travel.

When you set out travelling, you actually set out to see some of the world. There will be times where you get stuck on a plane or can for hours on end just watching the same landscape, or clouds, float by. And where at first everything is so thrilling, after a while fields just look like fields. Seeing the world isn’t just about visiting famous monuments or ticking countries off your list, it’s about experiencing the different cultures, getting involved in local events and celebrations, and taking time to see the place you’re in. So how do you make sure that you actually see the places you’re visiting? (more…)

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