Maybe I’m naive.

Or slightly twisted.

But when I found out that there was an organisation called Couchsurfing that would allow me to travel the world with my teenagers (for free) while meeting other like-minded people,  I jumped at it.

Yes, it would mean that we’d be sleeping under the same roof of complete strangers, maybe even on a couch, but we’d get to know interesting people and listen to stories that I hadn’t heard a thousand times before.

And who knows? They might even invite my teenagers to stay for a few years.

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Trusting People Online


Before you listen to this week’s podcast there is something I must tell you.

Brian and I decided to bring wine to the podcast party.

And as a result, I became a bit giggly and silly.



Husband and wife making a podcast episode together

I wouldn’t mind… but we’d only had one glass of wine…


I know.

Not a good look for a woman knocking fifty but hey, any chance you get and all that.

And I have just realised. I didn’t even tidy up the spare room bed before I took the photo.

Bloody hell… how unprofessional.


Although this isn’t one of our wine o’clock podcast episodes (where basically my husband and I get slightly pissed and then moan about stuff that we are experiencing with our teenagers) we are drinking wine.

And we do get a bit giddy in some parts.


Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Wine aside, in this week’s very informative and grown-up episode, 


We talked about:


🤔 How to suss people out online

🤔 Share with you our experiences with the many people that we couchsurfed with around the world and who we met online

🤔 Answer the question are marketplace sites such as Fiverr legit websites and how to find people on sites such as this that you can trust

🤔 The number one tip that Brian recommends for staying safe online

🤔 The most important thing to remember when you people tell you that the world is a big, bad place.


Girl covering her eyes on a train.


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