Would I be wrong in guessing that at some time in your life you’ve dreamed of spending a few glorious weeks in Greece with your family? An idyllic Greek Island vacation.

Have you spent time (sometimes hours) drooling at pictures on the internet of golden sand beaches and flat-roofed white houses that can only be found on an island in Greece somewhere in the middle of the Agean Sea?

You and me both.

I can’t tell you how many times I have typed into Goggle ‘what does it cost to spend a month on the Greek Island of Paros’, only to be forced towards twenty million ads that never give me a straightforward answer.

Octopus drying on a fishing boat in Greece. The perfect picture of a Greek vacation!

A familiar sight on the islands of Greece…Octopus drying in the sun, ready to be cooked for dinner.


Taking a Greek Island Vacation

As it happens, I am currently on holiday in Greece. I’m here with my husband and two young adult kids (notice how I called them ‘young adults”? I have to do that. It’s the law in our house. They don’t talk to me for a week if they find out I’ve been calling them kids on the interweb).  

And as I’ve been paying for things I’ve been clocking the price so that I can report back to you with prices.

So here we are. Brian and I. Your knights in Greek togas. Able and willing to share with you the exact cost of what a month in Greece will set you back.




Family taking a vacation in Greece. What it costs to stay in Greece

Here we are look! Me and my young adult kids. In Greece. For a month!


The COST to Stay in Greece. For a Month.


Greek Island of Paros. But how much does it cost to travel to take a vacation in Greece?

Paros in Greece…beautiful isn’t it? But at what cost? Just how much is this going to set you back?


How we came to be in Greece for a month.

Brian (my husband) and I have left our life in New Zealand and are currently travelling around Europe for three months. We bought a classic Peugeot 205 and we have driven it from England to Greece (where we have been for the last three weeks).

This was all planned by Brian in Lockdown. While I was busy bleaching the cups. 

In this podcast episode, we share with you the exact cost of things in Greece. Including what a nice jug of wine will set you back.

I always remember the important things.


Souvlaki. A famous food in Greece. But how much does it cost?

The famous Greek Souvlaki. Looks nice, doesn’t it? Guess how much it’ll cost you??


In This Week’s Show Brian and I Discuss:

  1. Cost of accommodation in Paros, Greece
  2. Cost of a nice breakfast
  3. Cost of a budget breakfast
  4. Cost of wine in Greece
  5. Cost of mobile data (very important if you have a location-independent job like us)
  6. Cost of dinner for two
  7. Cost of public transport


Things to note:

All prices are in Euros. At the time of writing this post 1 Euro = $1.05. 1.66 NZD.  .86 pence

Flights from New Zealand to Greece cost us  $1900 NZD per person return. This was with Emirates.

The prices mentioned in the podcast are what we found throughout the month of June 2022. June is shoulder season in Greece. Obviously, allow higher prices for accommodation if you are visiting in the peak season (July/Aug).


A cooked breakfast in Greece.. What makes the perfect Greek Island vacation?

Here is Brian’s breakfast that he makes us (and that he was moaning about on the podcast!) Can you now see why I insist he makes it for us??!


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Liz Deacle


Links in This Week’s It’s a Drama Podcast episode:

(Some of these links are affiliate links which means I get a small commission if you use their services).

Athina Blue Studios (The place where we are staying)

Skyscanner (who we used to get the best prices for our flights to Greece)

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