Brian and Liz are knackered. Whacked. They need a weekend away. Escape for a few days.

The trouble is, accommodation in New Zealand is not cheap…in fact, it’s costly. And there’s no way they can sleep on their daughter’s couch. Not when she lives in a penthouse with drafty windows…

So what do Liz and Bri do when they want to travel and pay nothing?? They turn to what they love the most: Housesitting!

Sit back, relax and join us on this week’s podcast for conversations on holidaying in Wellington, food, wine, and the ongoing persuit to make multiple streams of money online. 


We LOVE Housesitting. Want to Try it too? 

The initial ‘looking part’ of housesitting is completely free. You can oggle all of the beautiful houses around the world that are waiting for YOU to look after them. Take a sneak peek here! (As I say, looking is completely free, so gander to your heart’s content).

Then, if you are serious about using Housesitting as a tool to travel the world for free (as we do), you can use our exclusive discount code to save yourself 20% by Clicking here.


Links mentioned in the show:

Liz’s latest book, THE TRAVEL BOG DIARIES

Housesitting in Italy. How to Travel the World for FREE!

Italien men, pigs and pigeons

Italy. Were we wrong?




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