Liz and Brian are still in Italy, but this week they decide to stop being so boring and predictable and instead go out and explore. Like proper tourists. This is obviously the best thing to do when you’re spending six weeks in Italy.

Or is it??

In this week’s show find out all about:

Was San Gimignano worth the two-hour drive?

Feeling a bit ripped off

Americans abroad vs Brits abroad

Why this restaurant in a housing estate almost made Liz cry…




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A husband and wife called Liz and Brian in Italy


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Links Mentioned in the Show: 

Sign up to Trusted Housesitters HERE to get your 20% discount!

San Gimignano where we went for our day trip! 

Galeone Bar where we get the brilliant coffee and Aperitivo 

Plaza Bistro in Obrbatello that we raved about


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