If you are considering moving to New Zealand from the US then you will love this week’s show. Two weeks ago, our guests found themselves leaving America for good to start a new life down under.

And it wasn’t easy for them. Moving away from family, selling your home and giving away possessions all comes with a big emotional price tag.

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Leaving America For Good

In this week’s show, we talk to Maile and Brian, a couple from Vermont in the USA.

Their story about moving to New Zealand is like something out of a movie.

Brian and Maile met at high school. They were friends for some years but drifted apart when their careers took different paths. Maile trained to be a nurse and Brian worked in IT account management.

The couple had no contact for twenty years. And then out of the blue, Maile received a Facebook request from Brian.

Which she accepted. Phew. 

Maile was working as a travel nurse but Brian was experiencing some major life challenges (he called it a midlife crisis). This midlife crisis drove him to New Zealand. For three months. 

Unbeknown to Brian, Maile also held a flame for New Zealand. When Brian returned to America the two spent more and more time together and decided that they would love to return to New Zealand. Together.


Moving To New Zealand 

Brian and Maile began to plan.

They researched everything they could about moving to New Zealand. They compared the cost of living in New Zealand vs the US, thought about where they would live (which island was the best, the North or the South Island?). They even brushed up on some New Zealand slang.

But watching YouTube videos and asking questions on Facebook wasn’t enough for Maile and Brian. They needed support. Some inside information. They wanted friends who were going through the same challenges and emotional upheaval as they were.

And they found it. When they signed up for the FREE 5-day life in New Zealand video guide and went on to invest in the New Zealand Calling Ultimate Package. 


Living in New Zealand

This brings us to now! 

Brian and Maile have been living in New Zealand for a grand total of ten days. And, through the private community, we have become close friends. And that is how I was very lucky enough to interview Maile and Brian and share that content with you!


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Watch The Video Podcast Interview With Brian and Maile HERE!



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