Ciao, Bella and welcome once again to Porto Santo Stefano in Tuscany, Italy where Liz and Brian are (still) currently housesitting for Six. Whole. Weeks.

I know. You don’t have to tell them. They feel like that couple, Calvin and Zatera Spencer who won the lottery three times in one month.

In this week’s soggy Italian podcast episode you will discover:

Why Italy came to a standstill for at least ten and a half hours.

Why some women look SO cool in cow boots while Liz on the other hand looks like a farmer in drag.

What Brian thinks about boats and why he nearly bit Liz’s head off when she infers that he’s really rubbish at…

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The Pizza restaurant in Porto Santo Stefano. Pizz and Core


Brian in the rain in Italy. Best travel podcast about Italy


Woman at beach in Italy. best Travel Podcast


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