How to be a middle aged parent and still relate to your teenager (ish).

How to be a middle aged parent and still relate to your teenager (ish).


It’s bad enough that I’m a middle-aged parent. The wrong side of 45. That I homeschool my kids and so therefore only get to speak to another adult when the farmer needs help shifting the cows.

It’s hard enough that  I emigrated from a trendy, city chic lifestyle in the heart of Bath a decision that I have to justify to my kids every time I get the HP sauce out. An hour from the city lights by train. Yes. There were trains. Real ones. With buffet cars and everything. (more…)

The 3 R’s of Parenting School.

The 3 R’s of Parenting School.

You may not be aware of this, but all mothers attended parenting school.

Whether you remember or not is a different matter.

School started when they lifted baby off your chest to cut the umbilical cord. School ended when they placed baby- this time wrapped in a blanket, back onto your tummy or into the bassinet next to you.

Approximately 2.8 minutes.

That was your lot. (more…)

Why every teenage boy is an ANIMAL (and how to handle him!)

The teenage boy goes to bed aged 14 and wakes up the next morning in the forms of different animals. Let me help you understand how to handle him!

It happens overnight. The teenage boy trots off to bed on his fourteenth birthday all kisses, clear skin and lightness, and unbeknown to you, whilst sleeping, a shapeshifter enters the room and replaces your baby with an array of animals guises.

Having been robbed of his boyhood but gifted with this ability to morph into any given animal at his pleasure, the teenage boy grows confused and cocky. But mostly just cocky. (more…)

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