We need your help. Or at least one of us does.

As you may remember, Liz’s book is currently with the editor. The nice one with the blonde hair. 

Last week the editor sent back the first two chapters. Full of edits. These edits were accompanied by an email that said, “these edits are suggestions. This is your book. You get to say what stays or goes”.

I told you she was nice.

The trouble is, there’s a problem. A big problem. Something that Liz never anticipated when she so cockily employed a professional editor…

Liz is a recovering people pleaser. Actually, that’s a lie. She hasn’t recovered yet. She’s still in the acceptance phase.

So our question to you, lovely listener, is this:

Does what I read out in this episode offend you? Is it too graphic? Or does this slightly sick-but-still-funny attempt at humour tickle you?

We would love to know. Email Liz at [email protected] or Brian at [email protected]

Thank you, and enjoy!! 




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