You want to live differently!

Let’s start with why you are here. It’s because you want to live differently! Whether that be to scoop up your family and travel the world, throw in the towel at work and start a travel blog, move to a different country, or maybe it’s to take your kids out of school for an extended period of time and go on an adventure!

Whichever it is, you have come to the right place.

Travel & Adventure

Hello! I’m Liz. I have been travelling and exploring the world with Brian since 1989. We like to think we are pretty dab hands at it now. Read more about us here. Had I known about computers and blogs back in the early 90’s, I would have loved to have documented our travels. However, I being a bit of a technophobe, would have cried if someone had tried to show me how to use a computer, and so those times were documented through diaries. You will hear about those times in future posts though, I promise!

It’s a Drama is a travel blog about family, adventure and wine (there always has to be wine. And usually drama). It is here to encourage and inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and do those things you have always wanted to do. Perhaps you are putting them off because now isn’t the right time? Well, let’s just say there is never a right time. There is just, time. Maybe people are giving you the wrong advice? This is usually because although their heart is in the right place, they would never dare to do what you’re about to do. Here is a list of some of the best excuses you might be telling yourself as to why is not a good time to live the life you dream of and travel the world.

  • Let’s wait until we have sold the house.
  • We’ll go when you retire.
  • We will travel the world when the kids have finished university.
  • Or after the kids have left home.
  • We’ll think about it when we’ve saved ten grand.
  • Let’s leave it until the mortgage is paid off.
  • Maybe when things have calmed down.
  • Definitely. When the children are bigger.
  • We’ll think about it after Christmas
  • I’ll work for one more summer season
  • Perhaps when the dog has had her pups.

That last one was a bit of a joke! But does it sound familiar? On and on it goes. Everytime a live differently excuse to stay put and put your dreams on the back burner. But it doesn’t have to be that way.


Change can be terrifying in thought, but in practice, it’s pretty easy. Take it from us. We are the butterflies of change. Once you make one tiny little change that will bring you closer to your goal, the rest will effortlessly follow. In fact, you will ask yourself why you didn’t do this years ago.

We have spent our differently looking for ways to do things live differently, sometimes they didn’t work out, and that’s fine, at least we tried, but most times, it has worked out brilliantly!


Over the past three decades, we have had masses of adventures. Forced ourselves through one change after the other only to reap the benefits on the other side. Sometimes, these changes were a breeze, other times they were uncomfortable, but they were always adventures, and that’s what living is all about! Otherwise, what else are you going to sit around a dinner table and talk about as a family?! Here are a few examples of our adventures:

  • At one time we had over 8 credit cards all run up to the max. We were allowed to pay them off at a set amount each week and so rented rooms out in our newly acquired run-down house to students. It took 2 years of living with a sheet hung across our bedroom door for privacy. We didn’t have any money to buy a door!
  • Brian and I worked 12 hours a day renovating the same house. Having paid off the debt, we felt trapped and weighed down by the responsibility of a lovely home, so rented it out to three school teachers. We made enough profit per week to buy a tent, put diesel in our car and go camping around France for 2 years.
  • We worked in a Greek Taverna serving cocktails while the owner slept all day in the wood store.
  • Lived under a willow tree on the island of Paros, Greece for 5 months.
  • Drove our little red car across the whole of Europe. Came home and sold her for 100 pounds more than we paid for her!
  • We both trained as ski guides and chefs in Canada and America.
  • Bought 2 cafes and transformed them into gold mines through blood tears and hard graft.
  • Had two children ( that’s my biggest achievement!)
  • We have bought and sold 12 houses- everyone a renovation- including one in France.
  • Travelled throughout Canada with our small children.
  • Imported an American fifth wheel, (huge house disguised as a caravan, see photo here ) filled it with our family and towed it around Europe (well, Brian did, the kids and I just sat with our eyes covered up as we went through steep, narrow gorges, fearing for our lives).
  • Started 9 business up from scratch (and counting) Ranging from gym instructors to a Theatre company. All fruitful and profitable.
  • Emigrated to New Zealand.
  • Built our own house.
  • Lost over $100,000 by gambling on the currency market.
  • Homeschooled both children for the past 7 years.
  • Took the family to California. Saw lots of naked men riding bikes in San Fransisco. Drove through the Nevada desert. Spent three days in a hospital in Vegas when Tessa smashed her tooth against a window in a swanky hotel.
  • Thought we were going to die when we were hiking in the New Zealand bush and got lost, (still here though, so phew)
  • Made ourselves redundant and are about to travel around the world with our two teenagers fora year. EXCITING!!

All of these things made us feel as though we were live differently. Really living. And if we can do it, anyone can do it!

Family Travel Adventure

This website is here to show you that I am just an average mum, married to a pretty extraordinary man, living with two wonderful, but typical, teenagers. An ordinary family who simply love to live life differently. If we can do it, my friend, ANYONE can do it.

Sometimes you just need a little push and inspiration, and you’ll be on your way. We are right behind you!

Click on any of the images above or below, and it will take you to the category that you wish to go to. There you will find different posts for whatever you are interested in. There is also a destinations page in the toolbar above. Here we will tell you everything you need to know about travelling to live differently destinations as a family. We aim to try and find places that are cultural are not going to cost a fortune and that can serve a good glass of wine and an incredible meal. We love both our food and our wine. That, along with travel, is always a priority. I am secretly hoping these places won’t have any wifi so that the kids will play cards and read books and look super intelligent, but I might be shooting myself in the foot seeing as I want to write and publish posts for you every week!

There is also a resource tab at the top of the page. This is where we will be giving you all of our best tips on how to budget and plan for a trip and what you might take and use while travelling.

And lastly! Please, don’t forget that I would love you to connect with me on this journey. To receive my free list of tips on how to implement change in your life and start to live differently, drop your email in the box and subscribe. That way you’ll get every post delivered straight to your inbox. We don’t spam, and you can unsubscribe at any time. (I might have to come looking for you if you do though!) Remember that you can reach out to me through social media too, just click on the pretty icons. If there’s anything at all you’d like to ask or chat about, please leave a comment, and I’ll contact you- if I’m not there I’ll be out catching my sheep or trying to hide my son’s phone.

Now go! Start planning your next adventure!

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