Every year is the same. October rolls around, and, without fail, the same futile conversation takes place. 

“Let’s make a pact!” Me and Bri say cheerfully as we slurp on our pumpkin soup, “This Christmas, we will… 

1: Not go overboard on presents. After all, the holiday season is about being together, not scanning the presents like scavvy vultures to see who’s spent the most. Hurray!

2: Keep the meal nice and simple. No foo-fah for us.

3: Turn off all devices. We will play board games and talk after dinner. Be like the Waltons.

4: Go easy on the alcohol. (Not sure why). Just because it’s more organic and healthy. Yippee!

5: Smile and be happy. Always. 

And every single year, the same thing happens.


1: Spend shit loads of money, then get mad when each child doesn’t fall at our feet with gratitude and say,  “Wow! Thank you! I know how hard you work. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for this box of Ferrero Rocher.” 

2: Spend all day slaving over the stove making a stupidly fancy creme caramel recipe that is far too hard and involves separating eggs. Which, when served at dinner, is assumed to be shop bought.

3: Take out the phone a billion times a day and say. “Oh wait! let me video it! I’ll need to remember this when you leave home, and I’m sad and dead”.

4: Sulk because the kids don’t say how wonderful and scrumptious your creme caramel is.

5: Get pissed.

6: Get in a mood. Cry. Be miserable. Moan. Feel guilty for mentioning death at Christmastime. Cry a bit more.



This is the last podcast episode of 2022, so we thought we’d go out with a band. No holding back with this one…!

Today you will discover the reality of the holiday season in the Deacle family household, Brian’s French run-in with the runs and why Liz will never feel the same about a certain perfume ever again…

Sending you many and much of everything lovely and bright.

Liz and Bri x


A married couple. Husband and wife podcast about travel, life in New Zealand and family!

Oh, dear…I know that your heart was in the right place Bri, but this perfume reminds me of…


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