Ohh…you’re in for a real chuckle today peeps!

Victor Hugo famously said that “laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.”

Hmm. I’m not sure if I’d go that far.

I just spent forty-five minutes laughing on this week’s podcast and I still look like an insipid dripping candle.


After listening to this episode, I can guarantee that YOU won’t! 

Stand by to learn about the world’s funniest woman, a human donkey, how much MONEY Liz has made as a Number 1 Bestselling AUTHOR and…

Be treated to the first-ever snippet of Liz’s soon-to-be-released AUDIO BOOK!



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Liz and Brian. Husband and wife. The It's a Drama podcast

Bloody hilarious, we are…


Links mentioned in the show:

Liz’s latest book, THE TRAVEL BOG DIARIES📕 Check out Liz’s latest book, The Travel Bog Diaries! One Woman’s hilarious confessions of surviving family travel (for a Year… on a teeny, tiny budget!!)
See the book here!

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The Stuph Files Programme with Peter Anthony Holder. (Find the episode with Carla Brown, the Laughing Champ!)



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