Bummer: Noun.  1. An unpleasant situation. 2. A Traveler. 3. A motherless calf. 4. A fouler. 

We make lots of bloopers on this podcast. Say embarrassing things that make the other person’s jaw drop. Sometimes we edit these blunders out, but most of the time, we leave them in. I’d like to tell you that this is because we are transparent and real. Authentic and vulnerable. But the truth is, we’re lazy. Editing takes ages. Hours, sometimes. There’s no WAY Bri can spend that much time fine-tuning our conversations and turning them into something intelligent. Not when the hedges need trimming.

Take this week’s episode, for example. Here is part of the conversation that Liz and Brian have about a certain man-eater that took a fancy to Brian in Paris:

Liz: “She fancied you…No sooner were we on the road than she sent you that Whatsapp message.”

Bri: “She was just being nice”

Liz: “Yeah…but she didn’t know that you would be reading her message from the front of the car, did she? You with your smelly bum…” 

I know. How cruel. A (just for the record) totally untrue. Lies. All of it. Honest. 





In this week’s episode, Liz and Brian talk about…

Brian’s emotional state.

The reality (and horribleness) of being empty nesters. 

The fancy pants flirt.

Toilet troubles.

And Liz will continue to read the (unedited, yet-to-be-released) snippet from Chapter one of her new book!


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Liz’s Book Update

The manuscript is currently with the editor. I need to get a cover design, think of a title and then… voila! It should be ready to release in March 2023! Keep listening for more sneaky peaks, and I will let you know when you are able to pre-order!
Remember, you can email me at [email protected] if you would like to know more about the book.


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Liz Deacle


We LOVE Housesitting. Want to Try it too? 

If you have been following this podcast for a while, then you will know that we have just returned from six months in Europe and Asia. While we were there, we did a lot of housesitting. We are constantly asked how we did this and if we can share the website that we used. So here it is:

The initial ‘looking part’ is free. You can oggle all of the beautiful houses around the world that are waiting for YOU to look after them. Take a sneak peek here! (As I say, looking is completely free, so gander to your heart’s content).

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Still not sure about paying for a Housesitting membership? Remember that the cost of a yearly membership (approx $80 using the discount code above) will be paid back (and more) on the first housesitting night. It really is that simple!





If you are moving to New Zealand and are in search of the BEST New Zealand content in the world, then check out our other fabulous Podcast – NZ AHEAD


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