Yesterday I was asked by a member of our private community, ‘Is the food in New Zealand better?’ 

While this is a huge topic (and those who know me will have probably guessed my answer), I said it would depend on where you are comparing it to. Compared to the UK, yes, I think that the food in New Zealand is better. It tastes more ‘real’.

Don’t ask me to define real because I can’t. Sorry. Let’s just say it hits a different spot on the taste buds.

After talking to this community member for a while I discovered her reason for asking the above question. She had severe food allergies and was trying to gauge what life in New Zealand would look like. 

In this week’s show, I talk to Jen Morris. Jen is from the Youtube channel, A Thousand Words. She emigrated to New Zealand over a decade ago and she has various food intolerances and allergies that she lives with. 




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So…Is The Food in New Zealand Better?


Two women in New Zealand discussing whether food in new Zealand is better?

 If you are thinking of moving to New Zealand and you have an allergy or food intolerance, your big question will be how you will cope.

Is the food in New Zealand better? 


In this week’s episode Jen shares:

  • How she didn’t have any of these food intolerances until she moved to New Zealand and what that looked like.
  • How she copes living in a (very) small town in regards to her special dietary needs.
  • Grocery shopping in New Zealand.
  • Eating out with her special dietary needs.
  • Whether she thinks that food in New Zealand is better.


Watch more of Jen on her brilliant Youtube channel!

A Thousand Words.


Watch The Video Podcast: Is The Food in New Zealand Better?




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