For two years, six months and six looonng days, I have waited to share the news I have for you on this podcast.

And today, my friend, I am happy and proud to announce that my FIRST-EVER BOOK:

The Travel Bog Diaries is available to buy!! WOO HOO!!!!

Because it would be rude (and very boring) to celebrate alone, me and Bri thought what better way to thank you for supporting Liz than to invite you over to ours for a few drinks and a chat…

So. Get yourself a glass or something nice, pull up a chair and enjoy this very special late-night podcast where we discuss intimately what it REALLY feels like when a thing like this happens in your life… 


You can buy The Travel Bog Diaries Here!




The Travel Bog Diaries By Liz Deacle

The Travel Bog Diaries


You can buy The TRAVEL BOG DIARIES NOW!! By visiting:

The Travel Bog Diaries


Liz Deacle


The back story of The Travel Bog Diaries…

It was scary.

Probably the scariest thing I’ve ever done. 

And I’ve done some scary things.

Doing Scary Things in Life

Moving to the other side of the world and leaving everything behind (even though Brian, my husband, had never set foot in NZ before and was taking my word that it was nice…)

Taking my two kids out of mainstream school to teach them from home (even though I am not a teacher and actually don’t even know the difference between a real comma and one of those with a dot above it…)

Taking the money that we made from the sale of our business  (fifty grand that was supposed to be for our retirement) and blowing it on a dream year-long trip back-packing trip around the world with our teenagers (even though we knew we would have to come home to no job and no money).

But even that. Even ALL those things. Nothing was as scary as what I have just done.

Writing a book

For the past two and half years, I have been writing my first book.

And today, I published it. I gave it to the world.

Tah dah! Ladies and gentlemen, I very proudly present:

The Travel Bog Diaries

“THE TRAVEL BOG DIARIES: One Woman’s wickedly funny confessions of surviving family travel”

If you would like a damn good laugh and read about what it REALLY looks like when you go around the world with two groaning teenagers and a husband with an acid reflux problem…then I’d love you to click here and get your mitts on The Travel Bog Diaries.

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