This week’s episode is brought to you from the lovely and very gorgeous art deco city of Napier in New Zealand, where Liz and Bri are travelling for free (again) by housesitting. This time for five weeks in a rambling old villa perched high on a lofty hill.

Ah…Life is perfect.

Me and Bri, living like a Lord and Lady Muck in our ole kiwi manor house.

What’s not to love about that?

Well…get yourself comfy, and we’ll tell you…




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This Ole Kiwi House

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t see a picture in a glossy house magazine of a rambling old villa and romanticize about living in it. 

I know I do. I see it all so perfectly.

There’s me, dressed in my floral frock, washing my dishes in the stone-fired, enamelled porcelain Belfast sink. Inhaling the wafts of wisteria that creep over the pretty glass paned windows…

And there’s Bri. 

Dripping snot from his left nostril. 

This week’s husband and wife life in the trenches podcast talks all about housesitting in Napier. The pros and the cons and the fact that this house is bloody freezing…

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And love. Even if this million-dollar mansion is freezing…




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